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Our Rig

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tuolumne Meadows–Yosemite

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Yosemite National Park, created in 1890, is one of the oldest nature preserves in the United States. A wonderland of geological formations and biological diversity, the park spans nearly 1,200 square miles (Israel is only 8000 square miles) on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada range in central eastern California. More than 3 million visitors each year flock to see Yosemite’s grandeur. It was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984.

As we are located in Lee Vining at the East entry to the park we decided to explore Tuolumne Meadows area especially that we hiked and visited the Valley area years ago.

There is so much to see along Tioga road but we have “only “ few days to explore the place,so today we drove to the Tuolumne Meadows tourist information and chose to hike to Gaylor’s alpine Lakes .

Gaylor Lake-YosemiteGaylor Lake -Yosemite CA

The first Mile is straight up hill and as we gained altitude it got colder and colder ,weather that we were not used to till now,to feel good up there we needed ear covers,wind jacket and gloves –all this we did not have, so we spent only an hour on the top.

Gaylor Lake -Yosemite CA Gaylor Lake -Yosemite CA

Usually our hiking part of the day ends around 5PM but today we were of the mountain because of the cold weather early so we still had some time on our hands , the only hike to take and not freeze was at the low level  around the Tuolumne Meadows.

Twin Bridge Trail-YosemiteTwin Bridge Trail-YosemiteTwin Bridge Trail-YosemiteTwin Bridge Trail-Yosemite

This great hike is along Lyell Fork and runs 8 miles till the end of the canyon, we did a small part today and will come back tomorrow to continue exploring this canyon.

As we were sitting on the rocks enjoying the sights and warming in the blessed sun we spotted an Osprey “posing” just above us.

Twin Bridge Trail-YosemiteTwin Bridge Trail-Yosemite

It did not drop on us…thank you.

The spot we were is a crossroads to many hikes to the wilderness were it is possible to camp for few days near lakes ,streams or mountains after receiving a permit from the rangers office.

This crossroads supplied us with some unusual travelers,some used animals to carry their supplies to or from the wilderness camping spots.

Twin Bridge Trail-YosemiteTwin Bridge Trail-Yosemite 

We are spoiled and enjoy camping in our 5W trailer

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