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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Virginia Lakes CA- Hike

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Just North of Lundy Canyon (hiked there few days back) on Virginia Lakes Rd, are 6 lakes just in a 5 Mile hike.

When ranking trails on the basis of scenery per mile it is hard to beat the Virginia Lakes trail. The first 1.6 miles wanders by five pretty lakes set amid a backdrop of colourful peaks with avalanche scarred slopes. The next 1.2 mile stretch climbs to saddle at the head of the valley with panoramic views of the shimmering blue lakes spread along the valley floor, framed by multi-hued slopes of Dunderberg Peak (12,374-ft.) and the austere rugged gray profile of Black Mountain (11,797-ft.).

Virginia Lakes CA Hike

We hiked the 5 Mile trail up to the summit and from there we could see the Summit Lake at a lower altitude.

Virginia Lakes CA Hike 

The trail was steep with some switch backs and it was windy up there but sure is a small sacrifice to the out standing scenery from the top.

Virginia Lakes CA HikeVirginia Lakes CA Hike 

On the way we passed 6 lakes ,each one with different colour and surroundings, not once we sat down just to listen to the “loud silence” to enjoy the reflections and the views.

Virginia Lakes CA HikeVirginia Lakes CA HikeVirginia Lakes CA HikeVirginia Lakes CA HikeVirginia Lakes CA HikeVirginia Lakes CA Hike

Virginia Lakes CA Hike

We were  hiking daily for a week in the High Sierras enjoying every minute and every step on the trail,one thing is sure –we will be back to see more of this amazing creation.

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Jim and Sandie said...

So beautiful. And it's nice to see water. So many dry dry places.