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Our Rig

Monday, July 11, 2011

Munising Michigan 9July-11July

Munising means: Place on the Island.
We have left Tahquamenon S.P on 9 July early in the morning towards Munising, on the way we have stopped at the Oswalds Bear Ranch near Newberry where the family raised bears since 1984.
The bears are rooming in a huge area and there is no resemblance to a zoo at all, these bears are sent to the ranch from all over the country and sometimes are released back to nature.
They allow you to pet the baby bears and it is a lot of fun.
We arrived to Munising around noon and parked in the Kewadin Casino RV parking lot, it has electrical hook-ups and it is free of charge, this will be our starting point for the next 3 days.
At about 3PM we drove to the marina and hooked up to the free WiFi to check up our mail and post some entries on our website, we also were able to talk with our kids and grandkids through Skype.
At 5PM we joined a cruise to Pictured Rocks, it something not to be missed, the formations, colors of the rocks are outstanding.
To conclude this fantastic day we sat to eat at a local “all you can eat” Fish dinner that was delicious and then attended a concert by 2 young players that sang and played old tunes.
At 11PM we took the load from our feet….till tomorrow.
10 July 2011-Second day out of 3
Looking at the map of this area you could see more water than dry land and many waterfalls as well, so we had to choose which ones to hike too.
We started at Wagner Falls a 20’ Cascade that flows at the Wagner Creek and creates a beautiful waterfall.
Then we hiked to Munising Falls a drop of 50’ into a sandstone canyon and creates a spectacular scene, you can actually hike behind the falls and get some cool spray in the hot days on yourself.
Sand Point Beach was our next destination, white sand, clean waters and colourful sand underwater, add to this a fantastic day and the view of the Superior Lake and you are in one of the most beautiful spots along the shore.
We tried to have a peaceful picnic but the flies made it very uncomfortable, I think that if someone will come with stuff that will keep them away he will become an instant Millioner…
The last waterfall of the day was Miners Falls, a short hike of 1.5M round trip through a forest brought us to one of the tallest most beautiful waterfall, and there is a ramp having 77 steps to reach it, but we went below to the bottom and had another fantastic angle of it.
That’s it for today….till tomorrow.
11 July 3rd day and the last in this area
We woke up at 0800 AM hearing the rain on the trailers roof and it was strong, the skies were black but it was warm and humid, here goes our hike out of the window I thought but remembered the saying “If you do not like the weather here just wait 15 minutes” well it took an hour the skies were smiling on us.
Our first hike was to Chapel Falls 2.8Miles roundtrip, the trail was “crowded” and we meet 6 people hiking along,(much more than yesterday), it was a nice hike through green lashing forest and suddenly we could hear the roar of the falls and it sure was a magnificent sight ,I have a soft spot for nature especially falls that never stop exiting me-I hope it will always do.
We returned to the trail head, had some light snack and headed to Mosquito Falls 2.2Miles Round Trip,I sprayed more stuff to keep the mosquitoes away but the name was misguiding and happily there were less mosquitoes landing on us than before.
This Waterfall has 3 waterfalls along the Mosquito River and each one more beautiful than the other, take my word for it or just take a look at the pictures.
I think that the Creator was in a good mood when he created this area: Many waterfalls, Lake Superior, Pictured Rocks, Green Lashing forests and some Islands in the lake-We took advantage of this all and we loved what we saw.
My English is too poor to put in words what we saw, smelled and experienced ,so here are some selected pictures.
I also apologize for not posting on your blogs-the connections here in some places are very poor.
Moving Copper Harbor at the West Tip of the Peninsula in the morning…


John and Carol said...

Great photos. We were in that area last July, but we were in a hurry and didn't get to see any of the great places you have seen already.

Contessa said...

How lovely, what a perfect area ( except for the bugs). You certainly pack a lot into each day. The waterfalls are amazing as are your photos. Thanks for sharing.

Bob and Jo said...

Danny & Shula, we are heading east across the UP with a future stop in Munising. We have put those falls on our list.