Our Rig

Our Rig

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Muskegon & Grand Haven Michigan

27-28 July
Our next stop on the way south in west Michigan was Muskegon, an old town that used to be the lumber center of Michigan, they say that Muskegon lumber built Chicago after the big fire.
We camped on Muskegon lake just minutes away from the historic downtown, our trailer was positioned so we could see the river from the left window (the dining area) and it was nice seeing the fishing boats sail around.
After visiting the information center we took the local Tourist trolley (60 cents for seniors) all around the historic center and the submarine museum where the most decorated US Submarine from WW2 is docked.
Then we strolled the downtown area visiting the historic buildings and the fantastic old Library that was donated to the city by the Lumber Baron.
We were lucky as the rain picked up after we finished our daily activities and were back in our trailer.
On the 28 we drove 20 Miles south to Grand Haven, a beautiful community and the home for the Coast Guards in west Michigan.
The place is beautiful, groomed with few marinas filled with private and charter boats, great main drag with places to eat, shop and stay.
There is a city C.G on the beach (very crouded, we did not like it) and a path to a lighthouse.
To top it all off every night along the boardwalk at 10PM there is a “light, water, music” show for 20 minutes, it can be seen and heard all along the walk or by sitting in a boat in the river-Outstanding show and worthwhile staying around till after the show.
I hope the picture will do justice to reality.

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contessa said...

You did get some good shots! Lovely area.