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Our Rig

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

St.Ignace & Mackinac Island

17 July till 19 July
On the way from the “ Porkies “ to St.Ignace we have stopped in Manistique planning to stay for 2 days and explore the area .
After unhooking the trailer in Kewadin Casino (we have almost become a regulars..)we took off to the down town and found a “dead” town except a movie theatre and it showed the last film of Harry Potter, we looked at the watch and at each other “it starts in 15 minutes, so let’s grab an ice-cream and go for it” my wife said, easy said than done –no ice-cream in the area only pizza…and so we found ourselves in comfortable chairs with no ice-cream watching the last saga of Harry Potter.
The film made more than 165 million $ in a short period and our 8$ sure contributed to it …
The next morning it was raining cats & dogs so we decided to continue to St.Ignace.
The ride went smooth and the skies went blue, it was hard to believe that it actually the same day…so we unhooked and took off to the beautiful downtown area.
On the way we stopped at the Castle Rock, an observation point 700’ high from where the whole bay and the Mackinac Island could be seen.
Going up the staircase to the top you could definitely say that America has to get in shape…the view from the top was rewarding.
Downtown area is just beautiful, clean, lots of free parking lots, boardwalk all along the bay, many small nice shops and bars.
At one point we took the load from our feet and with drinks in our hands facing the bay watched the ferries and sailing boats go by-and you know what we felt the life is good.
Mackinac Island
As we were getting into the truck to take off to the ferry a casino employee asked us and the other Rvers to move from the C.G as they are upgrading the place to accommodate 20 RV’s with 50AMP and Water.
We moved to Castel Rock C.G just down the road and took the shuttle to the ferry.
The ferry route to the Island was first to the Mackinac Bridge, it is 5 Mile long and is one of larges bridges in North America.
The Island was as expected full of tourists that moved by foot, bicycles, horses and buggies ,the main street ,shops and restaurants were crowded, but in spite of that we enjoyed our day trip to the Mackinac Island., it is unique, but on visit was enough.

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John and Carol said...

You're right. Americans really do need to get in shape. They are fat and lazy. It is the international visitors that really take advantage of the hiking available in this country. We enjoyed Mackinac Island by bike. How did you see it?