Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


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We left Lively ON and our friends Susan and Harry after a great 2 days with them feeling that it is not the last time we will be seeing them.

Our next stop in White Fish falls ON just 120KM North from Lively and there we will visit Nicki and Grant a couple we meet in S.S.M 3 years ago while watching a tag race on the lake, we stayed in touch through the years and finally are meeting them again.

They live in a place that I describe “close to haven” ,on the Georgian Bay in the forest with a boat just at the end of their property…..wooow.

We managed easily to get the rig parked in their yard and enjoy the natural beauty around,including hiking to the highest point in the area to see the Georgian Bay.

I could easily stay here for ever…Camping in Niki&Grants placeNiki's and Grant PlaceUphill hikeThe view from the top.View at the end of the trail.Georgian BayGeorgian BayIslands in Georgian Bay ONGeorgian Bay ONCanooing in Georgian Bay


Anonymous said...

Looks like an absolutely gorgeous area! Love the pics! Nina

Contessa said...

Truly a wonderful area. I agree, I could stay there forever also.