Our Rig

Our Rig

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Holland Michigan

29-30 July.
West Michigan along Lake Michigan is loaded with beautiful small communities, offering large white sandy beaches, historic main street, marinas, restaurants and beer breweries-Holland is not an exception.
We did not visit any of the Holland attractions offered by this beautiful place as we have been few times in Europe including Holland and experienced the real thing, but we did take advantage of what the main street can offer and took a drive to the Red Lighthouse at the end of the South Shore Drive.
Along this drive we saw the HUGEST houses/mansions facing the lake; I had to stop a few times to be able to see the whole house and the garden at one glance-it was almost a crime to have one of these….
At the end of the drive one is permitted by a guard to walk to the Red lighthouse as the path is a long a private close community.
To get down to earth we went in a brewery to cool off with a finest local made beer and a good burger.
To wrap up the day we attended a free concert on the lawn facing the lake-not bad for one day.
On 30 July we meet with an internet friend and his wife from the Crossroads Forum with whom I was “talking” for a couple of years and we spend the morning together, walking the downtown and dinning.
We invited them to have some Israeli coffee (very strong mixed with herbs) and it seems that liked it very much.
It is hot ,so we will pop in the pool and get things ready for the move tomorrow.

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Contessa said...

Love the photo of the baby bird. How do you find these great areas! You must spend all winter studying,