Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, August 1, 2011

Decatur Michigan
We crossed into Michigan USA from Ontario on 5 July and since then we have traveled along ether the Superior Lake or the Michigan Lake and what a great route it was, by the way the Superior Lake is larger than Israel…so imagine what went through our minds while traveling along the coast.
Today was the first time we left lake shores and headed east towards Decatur just south west of Kalamazoo.
The GPS took us through small country roads and I had to stop twice to make sure that it is taking us in the right direction to a C.G in Decatur, it looks like it is at the end of the world and then to the right…but what a great spot it was.
The C.G is located on the “lake on the woods” ,has all the hook-ups,private beach ,great specious sites, children playground and WiFi close to the office.
It was the best time to do lundary, take a swim, read a book and make plans for the rest of our lives, we only have to think how to use the time that is left in the best possible way…
We are on the way to Crossroads Rally in Shipshewana Indiana and this is our last stop in Michigan and concludes almost a whole beautiful month in UP/West Michigan.


Anonymous said...

No way that it has already been a month. Time flies! Enjoy the Crossroads Rally.

Contessa said...

Lovely campground! I can imagine what you were thinking re the size of Israel vs Lake Superior. The world is amazing. We have been to Indiana, when we got our RV painted a few years ago. Great things to see in the area.

Anonymous said...

The beach looks just lovely!