Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wawasee Indiana

We moved from the Rally C.G to the factory RV spot just to be close to the service center and be first to go in on Monday and be done with all the repairs on the same day.
We barely hooked up and it started to pore rain like there is no tomorrow, I mean the skies just opened up and let the flood come down.
As it was already noon a hot soup was served by Chef Shula together with a glass of wine was just the right thing in the right place.
Sitting in the trailer eating and drinking with the curtains open looking out as the rain falls down is a nice sight that I am sure many of you experienced.
By the time we finished eating the skies cleared and sunbeams emerged through the clouds, in no time we were in the truck for a short drive to Wawasee ,a well known lake area.
The place is loaded with sail boats, boat houses and it seems that if you do not own one you do not belong there.
On the way back we experienced a beautiful sunset as you can see from the pictures.


John and Carol said...

Beutiful photographs! Yes, it certainly can rain in Indiana. All the humidity builds up and pours back down in a huge gush. Enjoy your summer in the mid west.

Contessa said...

Soup & wine and falling rain, perfect! Just love being in our RV when it's all cozy. Great sunset you were treated to.