Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Natural Bridge&Red River Gorge Kentucky

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22-24 Aug

Our next stop in Kentucky was a Aldersgate Camp & Retreat www.aldersgatecamp.org

in Ravenna just 30 miles from Natural Bridge that is a part of the Daniel Boone forest  ,  a Passport America member will pay 12$ a day.

It is a big retreat camp nestled in a beautiful green valley , the C.G has only 10 concrete pads on grass enough for a large trailer and the truck ,all of them have full hook ups ,good space between the sites ,fire rings & free wood and a picnic table.

The rest of the camp holds,a swimming pool,huge playgrounds,animal farm with goats,lams,chickens,ducks and horses-all rooming freely around.

We had the whole C.G for ourselves for 3 nights ,enjoyed the tranquility and the morning wake up by the rooster.

From Ravenna we took of with the truck to Natural Bridge using country small curly and hilly roads ,the Natural Bridge offers hikes to beautiful vistas and  to the  top of the Bridge and picnic areas.

We hiked for 4 hours all over the place covering 4 miles all together.

After a short snack we took of to the Red River Gorge on Hwy 175& Hwy 77 also known as America’s Byway,all along this route there are parking spots to short hikes to vistas and amazing rocks.

We ended the day driving back to the C.G through a narrow Nada Tunnel made by the railroad ,do not try this with a trailer….

At the C.G we started a campfire roasted some eggplants on it till the skin became brownish,when on the plate we opened the eggplants and added cold THINI (Sesame seeds butter,parsley, cilantro and garlic) on –the taste was just FANTASTIC, do not forget the beer…..That is called LIFE.


Peter Harwerth Beatrix Kohlhaas said...

That was a great place to visit. We might look into this next time we are getting south. Thanks!

Contessa said...

How do you find these great CG's? Another wonderful area, thanks so much for sharing. Yummy eggplant!