Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, August 8, 2011

Crossroads Rally –Shipshewana Indiana

Although we own a Crossroads product for the last 6 years it was our first rally and it was just a blast.
It was great putting faces together with the names from now on it will be much easier now to relate.
The rally was organized very well, the food was great and so were the mingling and the games.
We made lots of friends and we do hope to see them down the road one day.
After the rally we took off to the factory for some repairs and meet the C.R people that made us feel at home and we thank them for it.
It is not enough to have a good product it must be followed by a good service and we feel that we have them both.


Barry and Linda said...

Looks like your havin' a great time. It's nice to have support after buying the product.

Contessa said...

I'm so glad that your first rally was a positive experience. I knew you would meet new friends. Could you give us a brief outline of your next few months. what states you plan to be in and sorry to ask but when do you fly back home? Just trying to see if we can meet up or not.

Jen said...

Thank you to Crossroads RV for bringing this lovely couple into Bud's Body Shop in Elkhart IN. Enjoyed talking to Shula, what a lovely lady inside and out.

Safe travels! Can't wait to continue to follow your blog.