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Our Rig

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Danville KY

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20-21 Aug

Danville is famous because a Pioneer Playhouse  is operating at town,this Playhouse is the oldest outdoor theater from recycled materials dating back centuries,every brick,beam and doorknob whispers stories from the past.

Pioneer Playhouse is one of the last remaining summer stock theaters left in America.

There is a C.G with electrical and water hook-ups on the premises what makes the visit to the Playhouse and a show much easier.

The comedy named Kosher Lutherans is about a young Jewish family desperately wanting to adopt an infant from an Iowa farm girl whose dogmatic dad only like Lutherans ,so the couple poses to be Lutherans with a lot of curve balls and humour.

But this was not our main reason for stopping in Danville,we meet with two great couples who live in town,they are a son and daughter of a dear old friend of ours and they spoiled us rotten during these 2 days.

We also had an opportunity to meet and spend time with one of the writer's and actor of the play we saw and we enjoyed it very much.

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Contessa said...

I must got there one day. Rving and theatre all in one area, perfect!