Our Rig

Our Rig

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Howe- North Indiana
Crossroads is a trailer manufacturer based in North Indiana, they are holding a rally once a year and this year the timing was perfect for us and we decided for the first time to attend it.
The rally will take place between 5Aug-7Aug in Shipshewana Indiana close to the factory, we arrived to Howe Indiana (just 12 Miles from Shipshewana) on the 2nd of August to explore the area before the rally.
Shipshewana is located in the center of a large Amish community, buggies, Amish people, Amish beautiful farms and Amish furniture business are all over the place.
They are different from ones we meet in Minnesota and Upstate NY that are more to themselves and do not integrate into the general society.
We walked the city that is a huge tourist trap but very clean and nice, attended a show in the local theater that showed a musical play called “The Confession”, based on a book telling a story of an Amish girl that wants to leave the faith-it was very good.
The next day we took a Heritage drive to Topeka-Goshen-Elkhart and back, we passed through many Amish farms and vast country and saw many happy Amish kids playing around.
On the way back we visited the Amish-Mennonite Museum and learned about the difference between the groups-it was fascinating.


Avniel said...

All I can do is envy.

Contessa said...

The Amish are a fascinating people. We so enjoyed our time in that area. If you have a chance try and see if you can see how they build their barns into the side of a hill. Have fun at the rally. A perfect time to get those little things attended to on your rv and questions asked. Knowing you, I am sure that you will meet many new friends.

Anonymous said...

Love the look of that flea market! My kinda place!