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Our Rig

Friday, August 12, 2011

Greentown Indiana

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8 Aug-12 Aug

3 years ago I hooked up with Lee Padgett from Indiana on the RV forum and meet him this year for the first time.

Lee and Judy live in a small quite village and hour North of Indianapolis and it was a great opportunity for us to meet them after “talking” with them through the internet (what would we do without it…)

They are a great couple and made us instantly feel at home ,Judy is a “wonder women” she cannot sit still for more than a few moments,cooking,painting windows and making laundry all in the same time is not to much for her,and Lee has “golden hands” everything from home repairs to replacing the RV roof and more.

We are off together tomorrow to Monroe Lake in South Indiana for 5 days each one with his 5W.

The best THINGS are not THINGS…one of the "things" is FREINDSHIP,thank you Lee and Judy for everything.

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wheelingit said...

So love meeting people on the road. It seems every RVer I met we have things in common!

Contessa said...

How wonderful to finally meet someone you have become friends with. I agree what did we do before the internet? Seem like you are going to be having a fun paced next 5 days. Enjoy!