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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Baxter S.P ME-hiking to the falls

In my previous post I have written about our unforgettable hike to the top of Mountain Baxter in Baxter S.P Maine that took us 11 hours,climbing up and down the “monster” using most of our body parts to stay in one piece including knees and butts.

Well it took us 2 days to get our bearings back and come again to this beautiful S.P to discover other corners of this Natural and close to be untouchable park.IMG_0386 The morning weather was not a big promise ,but this did not stop us from taking a drive into the park with some picnic lunch to hike to some beautiful falls.

In the last 2 days it rained without stopping what made the hike slippery and wet but as I have said before “we can not control the weather, so we have to live with it”,at the end it all paid off and we had a fantastic day.

On the way to the falls we had to cross a river with slippery rocks,with no other options the shoes went off and we were on the way to the other bank.


The way to the falls was through a forest with some interesting sights,big huge boulders covered with different vegetation,tree routs hugging rocks,shelf mushrooms on dead trees and a lot of GREEN.

Finally we have reached the waterfall called “Big Niagara Falls” ,and I am happy that this name did not reach the “ears” of the REAL Niagara Falls in Ontario/Upstate NY, but it was a beautiful sight regardless the name.

IMG_0403 IMG_0394 IMG_0395 IMG_0400 IMG_0401

I only wish for many more for many more days like this….

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