Our Rig

Our Rig

Friday, June 26, 2009

Rockwood & Moose Safari

Map picture

We took a drive to Rockwood area just 30 minutes North from where we camp in Greenville,the road is along the Moose Lake with some beautiful scenes from various look out points that open up to mountains and vast nature.

Near Rockwood runs a river that connects two lakes and along that river many houses are built touching the banks of the water ,usually a boat or a plane tied at the end of the garden is IMG_0468seen in this part of Maine. IMG_0476

In the evening we joined a Moose water Safari hoping to see some of this shay animal in his normal habitat ,so at 4PM we boarded a platoon boat and got ready for 3 hours of adventure,at first we thought that the Moose have taken a day off but finally we spotted some in the water.


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It was a beautiful day and a great cruise that ended in an Italian restaurant with a lot of good food and laughs.

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