Our Rig

Our Rig

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Forks Maine & Maxie Falls

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Yes it was time to say good bye Greenville after 4 great days full of activity.

Rain stopped bothering us and we just went forward with our plans no matter what ,the changes in the weather are so rapid that it is hard to believe and sometimes from rain to sunny skies can take few minutes.

The general plan was to drive North along Moose Lake to Rockwood and from there to Jackman,leave the trailer in a campground and drive with the truck to the trail head of Maxie Falls.

The scenery from the road was fantastic, we stopped several time to see the view ,smell the wet woods ,get a bite and stretch the legs.

IMG_0522            IMG_0523

The C.G in Jackman gave us the creeps and we decided on the spot to continue South till Forks (two rivers join at Forks) closer to Maxie Falls  Trailhead hoping to find a C.G where we can leave the trailer.

At Forks we pulled into a outfitter center for rafting and other outdoor recreation to ask about the existence of any C.G in the area and they were kind enough to point us to a small C.G just 6 miles down the road.

The C.G belongs to another outfitter and has only 5 RV spots ,all on grass and along the river,no water and no sewer,so we filled water in the center and happily parked the trailer in the C.G just 5 minutes from the center.

As it was only 2PM, we quickly unhooked the truck and set off for the Maxie Falls and what a beautiful hike it was, the falls were very impressive and besides the regular mosquito attacks we had a great time.

IMG_0527 IMG_0533

IMG_0525 IMG_0532

I  like when it all comes together,the unfitted C.G in Jackman lead to a great spot on the river,it was so nice we decided to stay 2 nights-that is called FREEDOM,do what you like,when you like.

After the hike we had dinner,rested and head to the center that has a pub,brewery ,hot tub,swimming pool restaurant,pool table and  a live music-can’t beat that..

IMG_0541 IMG_0542

The band was to noisy,but the whole atmosphere was nice and relaxing.

What a day….

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