Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


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After a week camping in Medway hiking the Baxter S.P we are off to Greenville.

Greenville is located at the center of outdoor activity next to Moose Lake,one of the biggest lakes in North East USA.

The road fro Medway to Greenville passes through beautiful country,small farming villages,lakes and forest.

Our first stop was after an hour in a resting area next to a lake for coffee,view and restroomsIMG_0414 ,it was so calm ,cold morning air and smells of wet wood was very refreshing ,it made everything look great.

A week ago the trailer shocks were removed to avoid them ribbing against the tires and the plan was to fix this in a “big” city in a proper garage, but jumping on North Maine roads made a mess in the trailer and we found a local Garage with a great guy that can fix it all,and so he did.IMG_0415 In 3 hours he managed to place the shocks further from the tires and we were back in business.

Taking it easy we arrived to “Moosehead Family C.G” in Greenville and found a small nice C.G with water & electrical hook-ups and free Wi-Fi…that's how I am on the “air” now.

The plan is to hike a part of the famous Appalachian Trail called Gulf Hagas,8 miles round trip to a huge canyon with 300-400 feet drop,drive some scenic drives off road around the lake and to do a water Moose Safari-very promising…

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