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Our Rig

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Golf Hagas Hike-Maine

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In Maine one must take advantage of good weather to do outdoor activities,so we have prepared ourselves for an 8 mile hike in Gulf Hagas, that is a part of the Appalachian Trail and has along the way 5 waterfalls.IMG_0459 IMG_0445 IMG_0443

The head of the hike is reached by gravel road from Greenville, it takes about an hour and payment is required at the gate that goes to maintain the road.

The hike is a round trip along the river,one way on the rim and the other along the lake.

We decided to take the rim difficult road first and come back the “easy” way.

The depth of the Gulf can be seen walking in the rim trail ,and the locals call it Grand Canyon because of the resemblance.


It rained days before the hike and left the grounds muddy and the rocks slippery and it sure did not make it a bit easier on our knees and back and this was on top of the mosquitoes and bugs that made you feel that you are in an airfield.

We had to cross the river a few times to get to the trail ,a and carried a spare of


sandals with us to avoid hiking with wet shoes.IMG_0464

It took us 5 hours on the rim trail to reach the last fall and 2 hours back on the pleasant lake trail, it was a great hike,the muscles were not sore anymore,we came back dirty,wet and hungry alive and happy.

On the way we meet a nice young couple from Massachusetts Ben&Shauna and enjoyed hiking parts of the way together,what amassed us that we were the only ones on this hike but added to the “wilderness” feeling. IMG_0465

Here are pictures from the hike:


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