Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Matthiessen S.P IL

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Last night at dusk just before dinner there was a fantastic sunset,the sky was clear except a few aircrafts leaving  bright feather shape traces along the flight trail, a magnificent sight that surly deserves to be here.

   Utica IL C.G

The last day in Utica IL was dedicated to  hike in Matthiessen S.P that is close to Starved Rock S.P and to our C.G,the State Park is a smaller version of its “big brother” Starved Rock S.P ,only 5 miles of hiking and 7 miles for horse rides-but evenly beautiful.

Here again there is no water in the falls in this dry season what means that we have to come again after the snow melts in the Spring.

Matthiessen S.P IL  Matthiessen S.P IL  Matthiessen S.P IL

Matthiessen S.P IL    Matthiessen S.P IL          

                       Matthiessen S.P IL

We loved the Rock colors,bridges and the vegetation in this small natural paradise.

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