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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Princeton IL-Reenactment

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Reenactments are colorful,active,nostalgic and historical events,we like to attend them ,learn the history,feel and see the conditions of the soldiers ,smell the smoke of the camp fires and the black powder after the shooting.

The event took place in the beautiful Princeton town park,there was a camp,music ,costumes and shows.

We took the time to walk around ,ask questions and learn about the life in those days.

Princeton IL-ReectmentPrinceton IL-ReectmentPrinceton IL-ReectmentPrinceton IL-ReectmentPrinceton IL-Reectment  

Princeton IL-Reectment

Life was tough especially during the war,the sleeping arrangement were nothing like we are used today,food was not always enough and harsh weather surly did not help lift the moral.

Many people died during the civil war from bullets,canons but more died from sickness and infections.

   Princeton IL-Reectment    Princeton IL-Reectment   Princeton IL-Reectment

                                                                  Princeton IL-Reectment                               

The “actors”  took it seriously by playing all the way ,using the right costume,growing  beards and behaving accordingly to that period.

Princeton IL-ReectmentPrinceton IL-ReectmentPrinceton IL-ReectmentPrinceton IL-Reectment        

One thing is sure, you DO NOT want to be wounded ,remind you that in 1863 sterilization was not yet discovered,doctors did not wash hands, bandages were used again and again and limbs were cut of easily  rather than treated-from this respect I am sure happy not to be around then.

Princeton IL-ReectmentPrinceton IL-ReectmentPrinceton IL-ReectmentPrinceton IL-Reectment         

“President” Lincoln & Mrs. Lincoln gave a speech and explained some actions taken at those difficult times ,following the Presidential appearance a band played old tunes like “The Rose Of Texas”

Princeton IL-Reectment                 Princeton IL-Reectment

We really had a great time watching and talking with the “characters” ,it was a very interesting historical event it should be told from one generation to another and we are sorry to say that no to many young people were there-“if you do not know the past you can not live the future”.


Jim and Sandie said...

Jim and I really like to go to reenactments. We had a friend that was involved with them when we lived back East and you're right - they take it very seriously. They want to be sure everything they wear and everything they do is authentic. Glad you enjoyed it. A sad sad time.

Contessa said...

Thank for your description of the reenactment. I would love to see that one day. I am fascinated by the actors and how they put themselves into their roles. Certainly not a time in history in would have wanted to live in but interesting to know about. Always amazing what we can learn.