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Our Rig

Friday, October 4, 2013

Starved Rock S.P IL

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The summer RV season is getting close to its final stretch for us,we started in June from Ontario Canada and will end the trip in St Louis MO,with a help of a friend the rig will be stored close to the city so we can use the International Airport to fly home only to come back in the Spring 2014 to explore new for us States.

On the way to our destination we are making a stop of 5 days to hike in Starved Rock S.P and visit the area,we did not do any Camping reservations in the Park assuming that in October there will be no problem to get a site BUT we were wrong ,the park C.G was fully booked and accordingly to the ranger all weekends for the next season are already taken-so if you are planning to visit this incredible S.P please take this into consideration.

Anyhow facing this reality forced us to look for an alternative and it all worked for the best,we found a site with full hookups+WiFi for the same price like in the S.P where we would get only Electrical hookups.

On the first night there was a great Sunset  and a good  promising start ,we needed good weather to be able to hike the S.P.

   Starved Rock S.P IL   Starved Rock S.P IL

Starved Rock S.P IL

Starved Rock name came from a legend that talks about an Indian people from one tribe running uphill from another tribe ,reaching the top they were surrounded and in a siege for a log time till they starved to death…

The Park offers beautiful hikes along bluffs with vistas to the river and hikes along very nice canyons,unfortunately the “waterfalls” were dry but even though it was beautiful all the way .

Before starting the hikes we saw 2 short movies in the Information Center that helped us get oriented to the park.

Here are some pictures I took along the trails.

Starved Rock S.P ILStarved Rock S.P ILStarved Rock S.P ILStarved Rock S.P ILStarved Rock S.P IL

Starved Rock S.P IL 

Later afternoon we visited the small town of Utica that was struck by a tornado in 2004 loosing lives and property

Utica IL   Utica IL    Utica IL

On this first day we hiked only a third of the popular trails and we are looking forward to hike other in the following days.

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Jim and Sandie said...

Glad you found another place to camp. I think it's sad that the parks have to charge so much but I guess folks like to camp near the trails. That sunset picture is awesome. I love the reflection. Sure hope you stay safe with all the bad weather out that way.