Our Rig

Our Rig

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Starved Rock S.P IL–2nd day hiking

As it can be seen in the map below the State Park has many trails leading to Canyons,Waterfalls and bluffs .


All the hikes we did till now were scenic and the only thing that was “bad” was the humidity,after climbing some steep steps or terrain my T shirt was so wet you could fill a glass of sweet just by squeezing it..but this is a minor inconvenience comparing to the great rewording natural experience we had along the trails.

Entering some of the trails was like entering another fantastic world,like in some of the fairy tail stories, all our senses  participated through the “journey”,we could smell the humidity in the air as well as different plants,our eyes could not get enough of the scenery so we did many stops just to observe it all,it was so nice that we did not feel the luck of water in the falls (I am sure that it will be gorgeous in the Spring or after a heavy rain).

As we wanted to do it “DEEP” rather than “FAST” we took our sweet time and divided all the hikes in the park to three sections ,hiking each section on a different day.

Here are some pictures from our second day (sorry I can not bring the “smells” too)

Starved Rock S.P IL

Starved Rock S.P IL   Starved Rock S.P IL

Starved Rock S.P IL     Starved Rock S.P IL   Starved Rock S.P IL

                                                                                                                    Starved Rock S.P IL

As we thought we saw it all,we enjoyed in full every corner ,every turn along the hikes,it reminded me when we hiked for 4 days in Bryce Canyon Utah ,after the second day we thought we won’t be able to see anything new-but we were proven wrong-every step on the trail exposed us to a new sight.

Doing the hikes in 3 days also left  us time  and opportunity to visit the small lovely villages in the area,lets hope the weather will hold , and if not we will still do it.

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