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Our Rig

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rockford IL-Japanese Gardens

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The autumn colors started to show on our last day in South Wisconsin ,I was looking at this tree for a few days and one morning it was totally red….we are moving South so I do not know if the foliage will be there in October-lets hope it will. 

                                                                 Madison WI 

We stopped for 3 days in Garden Prairie jus out of Rockford to meet friends  and visit the most beautiful Japanese Gardens I have ever seen.

The C.G was occupied only by Seasonal campers and most of them were not there,it looked more like a nice RV storage place but as we were with friends it was OK with us,the feeling of the end of the season was in the air as we continued to enjoy every minute as much as we could.

The sunsets were just great as we set outside enjoying a meal at the end of the day…

Garden Praire IL   Garden Praire IL  

The weather was just great ,sunny ,clear , cool so adding  colors and smells that came with the weather changes made it very nice.

The Japanese Gardens  are a gem in Rockford IL

Japaneese Garden -Rockford ILJapaneese Garden -Rockford ILJapaneese Garden -Rockford ILJapaneese Garden -Rockford IL

Japaneese Garden -Rockford IL

Japaneese Garden -Rockford IL    Japaneese Garden -Rockford IL   Japaneese Garden -Rockford IL

Walking the paths we could feel the tranquility in every corner of the garden and were very happy to learn a lot from Dave one of the gardens volunteer group about the structure of the place that gave us an extra pleasure understanding the Japanese culture  reflected in every corner in the garden.

A visit to the Harley Davidson show room following an “old” Ice cream soda parlor were a perfect way to end this great day.

Cherry Valley IL    Belvidere IL    Belvidere IL

Moving tomorrow to Starved Rock S.P IL (No WiFi) where we will spend 5-6 days hiking all over….

Thank you for visiting.

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Jim and Sandie said...

I'm sure glad to see the weather is still beautiful for you. October can be iffy. And being able to share it with friends - wonderful.I'll look forward to your posts when you get back to the land of internet.