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Our Rig

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Springfield IL-Dog Show

A day before we took off a huge dog show took place in the Springfield Fairgrounds ,many trailers arrived with dogs for the show ,everyone had to bring all the necessary equipment to present their dog in the best way,it included standing table,hair blower,ribbons,nail cutter,shaving machine,scissors,combs/brushes ,shampoo and many other cosmetics.

The preparations prior to “showing” the dog before a judge took hours and  dogs got treated like a bride or groom just before a marriage.

Springfield IL-Dog ShowSpringfield IL-Dog ShowSpringfield IL-Dog ShowSpringfield IL-Dog Show


Springfield IL-Dog Show


After the “treatment some look good

Springfield IL-Dog Show  Springfield IL-Dog Show  Springfield IL-Dog Show

and some look like this….you judge for yourself…

Springfield IL-Dog Show   Springfield IL-Dog Show    Springfield IL-Dog Show

I also had a dog ,a German Shepard which I loved very much,so I feed him with healthy food , I played with him ,it was a happy dog BUT still a DOG.


Karen and Tony said...

Awww.. poor doggies! :-D :-D

Jim and Sandie said...

Our girls are our fur kids but there is no way we'd do any of that to them. For one thing, they wouldn't let us. I wonder if they ever get to run and play and just be dogs.