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Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Glarus WI-Oktoberfest

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We celebrated our last day in Madison and for this matter in the State of Wisconsin attending Oktoberfest in New Glarus.

This Swiss town definitely deserves a visit even if there is nothing going on ,but surly deserves one during the Oktober fest.

Wherever you look in New Glarus you see the influence of Switzerland,the buildings,flags,sighs and the food all resemble the small country in Europe.

New Glarus WI  New Glarus WI  New Glarus WI

Different stories told by locals is why the town is built like this ,a local store owner told us that “many” years ago when people in a certain Swiss town  lost their jobs due to a factory bankruptcy looked for jobs overseas,they all gave money to a group of people to search  for a place that will suit them and save them from hunger,after a year or so when they all thought that their money was lost they got a word that a place was found in Wisconsin but the condition was that they have to buy land and cultivate it ,one thing led to another and a small village was built looking like the one they left in Switzerland.

We found people from Swiss and Norwegian background but never left USA,so the stories are told from one generation to the next one and no one knows  if they are accurate,but it really does not matter ,the town is beautiful,colorful and holds many fun events over the year.

We were happy to attend Oktoberfest although It was still September ,a huge tent was built in the center where live music was played and beer pored like water .

New Glarus WI    New Glarus WI    New Glarus WI

An old tractor pull took place behind the Church and the firefighters gave the crowd an example of their athletic skills.

New Glarus WI    New Glarus WI    New Glarus WI

Two long horn  Swiss music players gave us a taste of the traditional tunes while these two seniors sat to listen .

New Glarus WI        New Glarus WI

It was a joyful celebration and Swiss ,Norwegian or other “new” comers were all happy and having FUN and that what counts. 


Jim and Sandie said...

You guys find the greatest places and things to do. I love the legend as to how the town came to be. What a fantastic time.

Peter + Beatrix said...

What a neat place - just like the real Switzerland which I have visited many times long, long ago.