Our Rig

Our Rig

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Madison area

We do not travel “fast” we travel ‘deep” this way instead of  spending a lot of time on the roads we spend time “living” the area what gives us a chance to meet people and explore the place before we move our 5W to a new location, we entered Wisconsin from Michigan on 8 August (can we get residency???)saw a lot but there is still many places to explore.

During one week in a C.G close to Madison we covered a lot of grounds:

We visited the Capitol,a beautiful building a lot of history,but it looked more than a museum than a place that people come to work…

Madison WIMadison WIMadison WI

The weather was just perfect to explore the Capitols surroundings,lakes and parks.

Madison WIMadison WIMadison WIMadison WIMadison WI

The Governor Dodge S.P is a huge nice park although the fall was almost dry this time of the year but still the beach and the hikes were great

Governer Dodge S.P WIGoverner Dodge S.P WIGoverner Dodge S.P WIGoverner Dodge S.P WI

On Saturday we went down town to see the Farmers Market that took place around the Capitol Square ,it was one of the biggest I ever saw.

Madison WIMadison WIMadison WIMadison WI

And later we drove to Middleton Brewery and had some beers ,the place was packed with people that just finished a 5M run.

Middelton WIMiddelton WIP1080381Middelton WI

A month or so ago while we were on a boat exploring the Apostil Islands we meet Sharon,her daughter and her grandson,we got into a conversation and enjoyed the 2 hour sail boat together,Sharon told us to contact her when we arrive to Madison and so we did,She and her husband invited us and our  friends for dinner ,we meet an interesting ,warm great couple and spend a  wonderful evening.

Madison WI

Thank you Dave and Sharon for your friendship and hospitality.

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Contessa said...

I think that is an excellent way to travel. We like getting to know the area and the people as well.