Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, September 2, 2013

Osceola WI,Interstate S.P WI

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We were supposed to meet our friends in a military C.G in Minnesota  during Labor Day long weekend ,but unfortunately his dad passed away and they had to leave the C.G to take care of the funeral arrangements ,so our meeting of course could not take place   and we had to find an alternative C.G ,it took awhile to find a site so close to the long weekend but at the end we found one in Amery WI just on the lake.

The location was close to the places we wanted to visit so we booked the site for 4 days.

As we entered the C.G we meet Ski that has a seasonal site ,he and his wife gave us an orientation  run down on the area and we spent a great evening in our trailer zipping wine and chatting around.

In the following day we took a ride to Interstate S.P , the oldest S.P in Wisconsin located next to St.Croix,the hikes on the bluff allowed us to enjoy the Croix River from above a view that should not be missed.

Interstate S.P WI    Interstate S.P WI   Interstate S.P WI 

On one of the rocks we saw two Turkey Vouchers warming in the sun,I was amazed how still they stayed allowing me the time to take these shots.

Interstate S.P WI       Interstate S.P WI

After our picnic lunch I thought that it would be a good idea to end the day with a nice waterfall, so just after a short drive to Osceola we took 156 steps from down town to see and walk behind this fantastic waterfall

Esceola WI      Esceola WI

Another great day ended with a visit from SKI inviting us for a tomorrow cruise on his platoon…it can’t get better than that.

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