Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hidden Valley WI

The weather man promised a rainy day ,so we planned to have a  laundry done in Oxford WI .just 3 miles down the road from our C.G that has no such a machine…

But we woke up to a perfect morning what shows that  a weather man can be wrong all the time but still hold to his job…any how we headed  to do laundry in the only place in Oxford.

The laundry place is cleverly attached to a restaurant  and even if you are not hungry the smell and the free time you have till the laundry is done drives you to the restaurant.

We are no different from the rest so we entered the place that was   packed with people having breakfast/lunch ,the restaurant  was covered with posters of Maggie Mae a local country singer that lives in a farm just out of town,she owns the laundry place , the restaurant , performs in her farm and all over the country.

There we learned that she will perform on the next day in her farm but it was sold out, as country music fans we wanted to see her performance and ”sold out” never stopped us before so why should it now,she did not answer her private phone (we got the number from one of her waitress) so we drove to the farm and introduced ourselves to Maggie Mae that was very  kind  to get us in to her show – so the “rainy day” paid off very well thank you Maggie and weather man….I love it when the cards fall into the right place.

Oxford WI

The laundry was done,we got ourselves to a country music show ,meet Maggie Mae that actually with her husband owns Oxford and all this till noon….so we still had time to visit the Hidden Valley in Wisconsin Dells ,the visit to the valley is done in a wagon pulled by two strong French horses ,completing this  will end our touristic adventures in this nice tourist trap, we know by now all the routine jokes of our hosts ,but we did enjoy being there off  season seeing what the Dells has to offer.

Wisconsin Dells WIWisconsin Dells WIWisconsin Dells WIWisconsin Dells WI

The whole ride took less than an hour so there was still time to relax along the lake and after a great home cooked fish dinner build a campfire in the C.G with our friends Roddy & Ruthy.

Wisconsin Dells WIWisconsin Dells WIWisconsin Dells WIWisconsin Dells WIWisconsin Dells WI


WHAT a GREAT DAY it was ,post on the country music concert will follow.


John and Carol said...

You folks are amazing. How do you get invited to, included in so many special events? Enjoy.

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Hi John & Carol,
Congratulations on your new 5W.
Take a look at my next post about the concert,it was fabulous I am happy that "Sold Out" did not discourage me...