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Our Rig

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Madison WI

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Lake Farm Park C.G just 6 Miles SE from down town Madison is a perfect place to use as a base for visiting the Capitol and the area.

The downtown called THE ISTHMUS is land strip located between Lake Monona and Lake Mendota ,it is a very vibrant place thanks to the University ,many shops,restaurants ,fast foot colored carts and pubs.

The Capitol dome and the lakes can be seen from almost every place in downtown and it is very pleasant to stroll through this small colorful place surrounded by young students  and food smell from almost everywhere.

Madison WIMadison WIMadison WIMadison WIMadison WI

We took our sweet time walking the streets in this perfect weather ,taking it all in enjoying every minute like there is no tomorrow….the food and the beer were good and we only wanted it to last for ever…or at least longer.

We planted to tour the Capitol but walking around ,talking with people ,looking at old buildings(reminding  to look up,at the roofs) and visiting worship places took more than we thought and we missed the last tour, so we will do it later in the week.

Around 3PM we drove to the beautiful Botanic Gardens located next to the lake (of course) ,although it was almost Autumn many flowers were still in bloom especially those who were in the terrarium.

P1080308Madison WIMadison WIMadison WI

But the jewel on the crown today was when we saw a Red Tailed Falcon catching a mouse and posing for us on the roof of the Thai Temple in the Garden,we spotted the Falcon sitting on a tree and thought that is it,we are lucky…

Madison WI

But after about 10 minutes suddenly the Falcon flew over us with a mouse in its mouth and landed on the roof ,it was very busy getting the food down the throat and did not care us standing there taking photo shots from not a far distance.

Madison WI


Madison WI   Madison WI  Madison WI 

I have a Panasonic FZ35 X18 ,a regular not professional camera,but the Falcon made it easy  to catch this special for me moments.

I almost forgot all about the Temple, only a very small part of this Golden Temple can be seen here ,so here is the rest of it including its reflection in the pond.

Madison WIMadison WIMadison WIMadison WI

Thank you for taking the time to visit.


Jim and Sandie said...

Those pictures of the falcon having dinner are a wonderful rare occurrence. Love the temple.

Contessa said...

Spectacular shots. Your camera might not be professional but you certainly are.