Our Rig

Our Rig

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Maggie Mae–Oxford WI

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In the previous post I explained how we meet Maggie Mae ,it is the first time that I am happy that the weather man was wrong but we still listened to him and went to do our laundry,otherwise we would not meet Maggie.

The four of us showed at 11AM to Maggie’s farm for the dinner/music/dance show,four first row seats were reserved for us and we took our place just before 300 people arrived by buses to the barn.

Maggie Mae-Oxford WI    Maggie Mae-Oxford WI    Maggie Mae-Oxford WI

Every thing worked like a Swiss watch ,Maggie greeted us at the entrance and treated us as royalty,the place got full and row after row we all went to the buffet that very good.

Roger Maggie’s husband was on the controls and managed all the event behind the scene ,it could not work without him.

Maggie Mae-Oxford WI    Maggie Mae-Oxford WI     Maggie Mae-Oxford WI

The tables were clean in no time after the dinner and the concert began.

The whole event ended at 4PM ,we did not feel how time flew as we all had a great time,listening to Maggie ,the band and dancing to the country music.

Maggie Mae-Oxford WI     Maggie Mae-Oxford WI      Maggie Mae-Oxford WI

I warmly recommend to see her show in Wisconsin or when she is on her tour around the country,her schedule can be seen on her website  http://www.maggiemaecountry.com/home.html

We still had 3-4 hours of day light ,so off we were to Roche-E-Cri S.P to see some petroglyphs  and  climb  303 stairs to the highest point in the area with a 360 degrees vista .

Roche-E-Cri S.P WI      Roche-E-Cri S.P WI      Roche-E-Cri S.P WI

At 7PM Maggie and Roger came to visit us in our trailer at the C.G , we all ended this fantastic day with some beers and Maggie sighing for us some of her CD’s

                                                  Maggie Mae-Oxford WI 

It sure was one of the highlights of our trip,we made friends with good real people.

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