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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cranes and Devils Lake S.P WI

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The weather was just perfect for out door activities,sunny but yet cool ,so before it changes we did a day trip from the same Campground to the International Crane Center next to Baraboo and to the Devils Lake S.P .

In the Crane Center there were 15 different species of Cranes and 14 of them I have never saw,the place itself is kind of disappointing,it was relatively small   and not many birds were in it,but still it was interesting to see these curious Cranes.

Crane International Center WICrane International Center WICrane International Center WICrane International Center WICrane International Center WI 

I prefer to see them in their natural habitat (see below) ,they seem so much happier……taken in North of  Israel where you can see them from a close distance.

Cranes     Cranes-in Agamon Hahula     Cranes


Devils Lake S.P is a huge nice park that has a great beach area almost all around the lake,great picnic areas and miles of hikes some quite stressful but as you can very rewording.

Devil Lake S.P WI


Devil Lake S.P WI      Devil Lake S.P WI   Devil Lake S.P WI

It was a great hike with fabulous vistas and beautiful flowers on the way.

                                                              Devil Lake S.P WI

Tomorrow it supposed to be rainy, so it might be a laundry day….Thanks for visiting.


Peter + Beatrix said...

Nice shots of the birds!

Jim and Sandie said...

That's sad about the bird place. I think of bird refuges as huge places with thousands of birds. But neat pictures.