Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wabasha MN

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After a breakfast in the well known local establishment  we took the scenic byway Hwy 35   following the Mississippi river with rolling road and nice scenery , it took us around two hours from Amery to reach this small beautiful town  and settle down in C.G just 3 minutes from down town.

The town did not change a bit since we visited the place 7 years ago and we found getting around easy and familiar.

Along the river there are nice houses with boat docks across the street and the stroll along this way brought back good memories.

Wabasha MN      Wabasha MN      Wabasha MN

Close to the river is A must see National Eagle Center ,3 times a day a ranger lectures and shows the incredible birds ,it was very interesting to see the Eagles from close by even if they were in captivity.

Wabasha MN      Wabasha MN      Wabasha MN

When we visited Wabasha years ago we were surprised to see  Kimono shop on the main street,we went in and had a long conversation with Richard the owner,at the end of the visit he gave Shula a kimono as a present (we could not believe our eyes,and he did not take NO for an answer),I decided to give it a shot and called him,he was happy to hear from us and surly remembered our visit years ago.

We meet for lunch and had  a great time, we were very happy to meet Richard again and get to know Janith.

.Wabasha MN     Wabasha MN

Anyone visiting this area should visit their place to see the incredible Kimonos and hear the story behind this unusual garment   http://windwhisperwest.com/Home.html -Thank you Richard & Janith.


Jim and Sandie said...

I used up all my gigabytes a few days ago so I'm way behind on reading blogs. Trying to get caught up. Those eagles are just so magnificent. I would love that place. You certainly find the most interesting places - a kimono store. Wow.

Unknown said...

Shula and Danny - Thanks for your posts of the beautiful parks, waterways, and nature. Your travels are inspiring. Glad that you are enjoying your 2013 travel in U.S. Stay safe on the roadways.