Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, October 6, 2008

2002-First RV trip to Alaska

Our first RV experience started in Edmonton,we knew that we wanted to RV but had no idea what and how to purchase a RV.
It took us 2 weeks to figure out what we want and what we could afford.
Finlay we purchased a Ford F-250 1994 Turbo diesel 7.3 Lt (have it till today) and a 27" 5W with one slide 1996 in a perfect condition.
It looked as a good choice as we love to hike and do side trips without having to pull a small car behind, just leave the trailer in the C.G and tour the area with the tow.
It took us another 10 days to get the paper work,stock the fridge and learn how to use the rig and we were on our way NORTH.
Edmonton-Jasper-Banff-Vancouver Island-Yukon-Alaska and back all in 5 fantastic months.
It was fantastic,the nature,people,hikes and wild life we experienced was way above our expectations.
My cousin Marlon & his wife Sally( a local Alaska girl)live in Nanwalek across the English canal and we had the great opportunity to stay with them for a while and experiance their way of life,enjoy the wilderness,go fishing with no time limit but the tides and meet my family-oh that was OUTSTANDING-thanks Marlon&Sally.
We meet Yariv and Ayelet in Anchorage in the beginning of August that joined us for a whole month traveling around Alaska, it was a pleasure having them with us.
We actually had to pinch ourselves that we are DOING it,after so many years of dreaming about getting away and exploring North America with no time table and as flexible as possible.
strong>Yes we were living our dream and not from the window of our
room, it took some planning and of course being away from home ,family and friends for 5 months but "you can not eat the cake and still have it".....
To all our friends we say "do what you want if you can afford it".
We stored the rig in a C.G near Edmonton,winterized it and flew home just to start from the same spot next spring....what a journey...

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