Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Down Town &Toronto Islands-October 2008

The rig is always stored at the end of each summer trip and can be a different location from the last year but we always fly through Toronto because of several reasons, first of all our youngest son lives in Toronto so we can be with him at least twice a year and second there is a direct flights to Tel-Aviv.
We also get over the jet leg after the long flight from Israel and take the time to explore different parts of the city and the surroundings.

This year we spent time in down town and on the Islands.

Down town and the close area except being a business's center has many beautiful spots, like China Town, Kensington Market ,Distillery Historic District and others.

Walking the streets or taking the subway you wonder if you are in Canada or in some other place in which people speak different languages , so many nationalities and cultures and all get along well together-amassing.

I general I prefer the nature, the outdoors and the space I have while traveling with the trailer,but I found that Downtown Toronto has its special appeal and I can sit in a coffee shop listen to street singers and just watch the people .
In my first visits I got uncomfortable with all the crowds especially after RVing in open area's that are nothing like this place,but I learned to get along and even enjoy this loud crowded place as well, it is different but nice.

Will be flying from Toronto to Boston to visit Yariv our middle son,his wife Ayelet and their daughter and our youngest granddaughter Roni that turns 2 this month.

We are grateful to have at this era Internet,so we can share,talk and even see friends and family at any given time when being far away.
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