Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, October 6, 2008

2005 4TH RV trip-North New Mexico-Colorado

This year we started from Albuquerque after visiting the balloon festival that took 3 days, it is a event that is worthwhile to see.
Air balloons from all sizes and shapes colored in magnificent colors were taken off from the field at the same time, that was a sight to see-wooow, at night the lights were lighed reflecting the colors from the balloons and it was just
As we travel with a general plan and have no time schedule it is easy to take the road to non planed places like the one we took after hearing about it in a cowboy store, we headed towards THE hunters gathering in North New Mexico.
These is one of the pleasant surprises that can lighten your day,people lived in a camp like the old days wearing leather and shooting black powder-it sure was an adventure.
Morris and Lavern from Texas were camping next to us and since then we are in touch through the net, Morris is a great fi
sherman and I learned a thing or two from him.
Colorado with its amazing scenic area welcomed us and we took it with two hands,lakes,sand dunes,National parks and wild life amazing.
Getting closer to Edmonton we traded our good old 5W for a 2006 new Cruiser from Crossroads.
The dealer took good care of us and agreed to store the rig in his place for the winter- Thanks Doug.

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