Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

2008 7th RV trip-East Canada

We flew to Toronto to visit our youngest son Nimrod , and then to Boston to spend time with our middle son Yariv, his wife Ayelet and Roni our youngest granddaughter,this way we see them at least twice a year once on the way to the trailer and once on the way home at the end of each trip.
The visits are always emotional as they are relatively short and only once in half a year.
Getting back to the starting point we were meet by Nancy and Llyod that are going out of their way to help us getting on the road.

After a few days we headed to North Sydney to catch the ferry to NL as a begging point to make it on time to see some Icebergs before the melt or go South.
From that point we started slowly to circle this beautiful Island, I planned one and a half months but we traveled along we decided to give it another whole month-and we are not sorry a bit.

The nature,the sea food and especially the PEOPLE make New Foundland a great unique place, we have made a lot of friends on this Island and we loved every minute we spent there although the weather was not always as summer should be.
We hiked,visited festivals,went to dinner theaters,pubs with Celtic music and socialized with locals all this made the stay in New Foundland great, we will come again..

Our next destination was the famous great Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia,nature at it's best..every turn a new and beautiful scenery appears and you start to wonder if this is for real.
We had some mechanical problems with our truck, usually I do not get into it on the blog but this time I am doing it because I wanted to thank the people from Sydney NS that went of their way to help me out,they fixed the problem in no time even in the weekend,left me their personal car so I will be able to drive around and did not let me go till they were satisfied with the repair.

P.E.I is a place to end a long trip, it is relaxing,beautiful and groomed all together, we spent there 10 last days of the trip before heading back to N.B passing through the Hopwell Rocks to see the magnificent phenomena of the TIDES, we walked on the ocean floor when the tide was out and saw the rocks all covered with 16 meters of water when the tide is in, what a sight.
Now the rig is stored in our friends property and we are on the way home through Toronto and Boston, it is the end of our 7th trip (unbelievable) but there is always next year.....till then.
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