Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, October 6, 2008

2006 5TH RV trip-Montana-WY-S.D-Minnesota

This year we started with our brand new Trailer, that was already loaded with our personal things since last year and was waiting for us in the dealers yard together with the truck.
Things went well till we reached the Alberta - Montana Boarder,there the US customs pulled out from the trailer food they said that was not allowed to enter the US,but we overcame this although we thought is was not handled properly.
The main attraction this trip was BRANDING in Sheridan Wyoming, it all started a year before when we meet with Eddie and Dee during a beer fest in New Mexico, they invited us to participate in Branding their cattle the following year, well it took us 2 seconds to except their offer and showed up in time for the event.
It was like in the good old days the traditional way (as we saw in the movies), build the coral,gather the herd,brand,vaccine,castrate the caves and then have food&grab laughs and more beer-it was fun- ,my back remembered it for a while..

South Dakota was special to visit ,Mount Rushmore and Bad Lands gave the place fine flavour.
In one c.g we had a Snake coming up our sewer pipe chased away by a BIRD..it was an interesting scene all together.
In Minnesota we meet face to face with "Internet" friends Hal and Jan that live on a beautiful river in South Minnesota and had a fantastic week together.
The way to Thunder Bay from Duluth in the Autumn with all the colors changing was an outstanding event, its like driving in a dreamland.
In Thunder Bay we meet with Peter and Cheryl a couple we meet in 2002 on the way to Alaska , it was nice meeting them again and sharing some time together.
After storing the rig in Thunder Bay we took off for the winter...
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