Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, October 6, 2008

2003 second RV trip -CA-AZ

We spent a great winter back home,visited all the small places we loved to go,walked on the beach that is especially nice and non crowded during this season and spent a lot of time withe family and friends.
During the winter we have planned our next RV trip , I love this part of the trip planning is a lot of fun,I consult with RV forums and use the Internet .
This trip will start from Edmonton (the place we stored the rig last Autumn)through Oregon coast,California coast and end in Phoenix Arizona.
The rig held well in the harsh cold weather in Alberta and it was a pleasant surprise to insert the batteries and hear the trucks engine start..what a relief..

Here we are on the road again, happy to get away from the city to nature.
Following the Oregon coast all the way to the California coast was a great treat, huge beautiful beaches and rock formations that we never experienced before.
We also had the opportunity to meet my cousin Marcus and his family in California and Ray McIntyre in Half moon bay and had a great time with them both.
Visiting Sonoma Valley was an outstanding experience,the tastes the smell were overwhelming,hard to keep straight on your feet...
We also took some time in Las Vegas to see "Paris,Venice,Egypt ..."
Arizona was a lot of fun and hot,
Lake Havasu,Tombstone and meeting with Rody and family made the trip Worth every minute.
We stored the rig in Phoenix (no need to winterize...) and took the road home.
Till we meet again..

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