Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, October 20, 2008

Automn in New England


New England in October

Some times leaving the best part of the meal to the end makes the whole meal much better.

We love to RV, meet people from different places, make a fire, hike and feel the freedom but as summer ends and the cold weather is getting to our bones we store the rig and would usually fly home to Israel, but as I wrote before we have two kids in North America, one in Toronto and one in Boston with his family.

So maybe the summer RV season is over but NOT the entire trip.

This year we had a great time traveling with our young son from Toronto to Barrie, a small town next to a lake just an hour drive north to the city.

It was a bright cool day as should during this season, actually the weather was better than we sometimes had during the summer in Newfoundland, amassing..

After spending time in Toronto and the area we flew to Boston and had a fantastic week with our middle son, his wife and their daughter that had her 2nd birthday celebrated with us.

She grew a lot since we saw her 5 months ago and now she mixes English with Hebrew in one sentence what makes it funny but sweet.

In the weekend we took a drive to Salem, Rock port, Concord and had a great time.

The weather was just cold enough to remind us that we are way after the summer but still before the really cold days, the sky was clear blue and the Autumn colors were everywhere a real celebration of red and yellow leaves on trees and on the ground , the ones on the ground looked some times as big great color carpets.

I took a few shots hoping to grasp the atmosphere of this time and place-enjoy.

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