Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


We are on the way to our home in Israel after our summer RV trip but there are always 2 stops on the way,one in Toronto where our young son lives and one in Boston where our middle son and his family are stationed.
It usually takes us a while to arrive in Israel from the time we store the rig, it is a lot of fun and we take the time to enjoy and cherish this beautiful time with our family.
After 2 weeks in Toronto we finally made it to Boston not before being bounced from AA first flight
of the day due to overbooking,but we made the second one after 4 hours and it is fair enough as we are traveling on S/B bases.
Meeting our family after 5 months it is always a joy and especially Rony that turns 2 this month, we could see a huge change ,she speaks now Hebrew and a little of English and some times it all gets mixed up in a very funny nice way.
The parents of our daughter in law are here to visit so we are going to celebrate Rony's birthday all together and give her the best feeling possible as she misses her "home" atmosphere.

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