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Our Rig

Saturday, July 21, 2012

2nd Day Elkins WV-Cookoff competition.

From time to time  we come to a place , meet people and want to stay longer than planed-well this happened in Pegasus C.G near Elkins.

After meeting for the first time with the couple that run the place and some campers it was already obvious that this is going to be a special stay.

For tonight the owners planed the fifth cook-off competition in the C.G barn that included besides the competition music by some guests and four musicians including the C.G owners.

The barn was decorated and the table was loaded with dishes prepared and tagged by the campers.

Elkins WV-Cookout competition      Elkins WV-Cookout competition

TAGGING THE DISHES                           THE BARN


The judges tasted each dish made notes and announced  the winners.

We, no ,actually Shula got the “THE BEST OF THE BEST OF THE BEST” for her delicious hot Cuscus that I thought will be too hot for the locals that are not used to have it so hot,but it seems that I was mistaken.

Elkins WV-Cookout competition

After everyone had seconds and thirds it was time for the entertainment,first came on stage a family from Holland and gave a nice performance,later we enjoyed listening to  the four musicians ,their professionalism and humor.

Elkins WV-Cookout competition                         Elkins WV-Cookout competition

People from all over the country and some from out of continent got together and just had a blast,it is so simple and so enjoyable ,we wished it to go on and on.

Elkins WV-Cookout competition



Elkins WV-Cookout competition

“Those who dream touch the stars….”   I Danny Oren confirm this motto.


Karen and Tony said...

Looks like great fun! Congratulations on the award -love the wording. The campground owners have a good sense of humor!

Jim and Sandie said...

What a fabulous time. The RVing world is full of so many wonderful people and such fun times.

Contessa said...

You are touching the stars!! Congrats on the culinary win! Life doesn't get much better.