Our Rig

Our Rig

Friday, July 6, 2012

From Mount Airy NC to Beckley WV

Map picture

The plan was to Camp at The Village at the Rock Ridge in Pipestem WV ,It has 5 RV sites that can accommodate up to 38’ trailers,it sounded like my kind of type C.G and the location was just perfect for some side trips we intended to do.

I tried to call but there was no answer,so I sent an e-mail and got a reply from a lady in Germany sending me the cell phone number of the owner,I tried this as well but NO answer-by then I understood that we will NOT be using this C.G.

I started looking for other C.G in the area I even posted on the RV forum asking for help,but all the C.G in that particular area  were/are still with no electrical power due to the big storm that hit the place, I even got suggestions like: “Stay at home with A/C” “Do not get close to this area until power will regain” –All good advise ,BUT we did not think that sitting on our ….is the solution.

I enlarged the radius looking for an “electrical” C.G and still stay around the New River Gorge National River  ,finally I hit jack pot and found a small C.G called (believe it or not) Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine Campground in Beckley WV and they still had one site….as we needed ONLY one site  we took it….

Berckey Mine Exhibition C.G WV

On the way we had the most severe rain I ever experienced, the wipers were not fast enough to clear the water from the windshield,many cars stopped on the sides of the road,but I did not have enough space for the trailer .

During this short ride we had Summer and Winter weather –unbelievable.

After registering and paying we were given keys to the bath house and drove to the C.G that was down the road from  the office .

I was asked if I have a 4 wheel drive (I don’t) but no explanation followed,so we drive to the entrance of the C.G which was steep and curvy at the same time,the wet surface from the rain sure did not make it easier ,it was almost like driving on ice,we started to slip but got in OK after loosing some heart beats…now I know why I was asked if I have 4 wheel drive…

Berckey Mine Exhibition C.G WV-Entrance          Berckey Mine Exhibition C.G WV-After the storm

ENTRANCE TO THE C.G                                          TREE THAT FELL IN THE C.G DURING THE


The place itself is nothing to write back home about,back ins,no WiFi (Mr. McDonald 3 miles down the road will be our WiFi provider at this stop),small sites,not easy to get in but has full hook ups,perfect location and only $22 a day…so we are Happy we managed so stay in the area with electrical connections and looking forward to explore this promising natural area.

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Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Many years ago we took the Coal Mine tour. It was so informative and really one of the best tours we have taken. Have no idea what it costs now a days. You might find the tour really good.

Peter + Beatrix said...

Danny, may I make a suggestion for having your own power. I understand you are not boondocking, but I recommend the purchase of a HONDA EU2000i Generator. It is very quiet and runs about 12hrs on a gallon of gas. It provides upto 2000W and the price uses to be around $950 - not too expensive for the comfort it can provide. The best thing with it is that it is always starting. Even my wife can start that thing.
It is also light weight and doesn't take much room.