Our Rig

Our Rig

Friday, July 13, 2012

3rd Day Summersville WV-Hawks Nest S.P WV

Another great weather day ,but as people here do not know how long will it last it is time to go to the nature.

West Virginia was hit hard by a several storms that cut most of the Counties from Electricity and now 10 days later it is starting to come back.

We headed West on HWY 39 and went through small villages that suffered from falling trees on the electrical lines that sometimes not only cut them from electricity but also water.

Summersville WV-Storm



At Gauley Bridge WV we suddenly saw a sign saying “Library” and for us this is our connection to the world as they usually have WIFI, we always carry with us the laptop in the truck  when we do not have WiFi in the C.G,so a sharp turn to an alley and here it is.

Gauley  Bridge WV-Librery


                                      GAULEY BRIDGE WV LIBRARY (WAS A REGULAR HOUSE BEFORE)

The kind lady was all by herself and was happy to help us get connected,we checked the news,weather and went through our mail.

Not far away lays the beautiful Hawks Nest S.P with a lodge,trails to view points,cable cart and jet boat rides.

We just had enough time to have our picnic to catch the next boat ride down the river towards the New River Gorge Bridge.

Hawks Nest S.P WV-Jet boat   Hawks Nest S.P WV-Jet boat



All along along the shore there were many small fishing shakes that can be reached only from the river,some of them very nice.

Our "Captain” was not happy with the jet boat’s speed so he jumped into the river to remove vegetation that was caught at the jets,it was funny and unusual but it worked…strange sense of humor.

                         Hawks Nest S.P WV-Jet boat


So if you are in the area take a ride down the river BUT do not follow the CAPTAIN..

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