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Monday, July 9, 2012

4th Day Beckley WV-Twin Falls Resort S.P WV

Marion Foley had tried everything to improve his wife health,he tried roots and wild tea but nothing helped,so in 1880’s when medical knowledge was not as developed as today he tried anything including believing legends about “Healing Waters” .

Foley had herd about Indians who traveled to a falls for medicinal water.The Falls now the parks namesake is where he settled with his wife,Marta and her brother John Wyatt of Virginia.

We hiked to the Twin Falls a easy one Mile round trip on a trail that was not used for a while and needless to say that we were completely alone although it was a Sunday,most of the people were around the picnic areas as we found out later when had our picnic.

Twinfalls S.P WV        Twinfalls S.P WV

These 2 falls are 1/4 mile apart ,the one on the left turned the wheels on Foley’s mill to grind corn.

In the park there is a lodge,tennis courts,Camp Ground and restaurants,but what attracted us besides the falls was the Pioneer Village where people still live today and has an interesting history.

In short:The original structure was built in 1835 and was bought together with 66 acres for (hold you breath) $2,27 .

Children were born in the house that was renovated in 1915 adding 5 rooms to the log home.

Twinfalls S.P WV   Twinfalls S.P WV

Twinfalls S.P WV  Twinfalls S.P WV

Family members are buried in a family cemetery behind the house.

Between the years 1968-1979 a park Superintended  vision saved the place and at 1975 The Pioneer village was completed and opened to the public.

Today a couple is living in the house protected by an alert “Guard” and the sign says   “Do Not Enter”-I wonder why ….

Twinfalls S.P WV

Lovely peaceful place in the middle of a State Park ,I only wished we could talk to the people living there and hearing their story, by the way in the pamphlet from which I learned about the place is also written “Randall & Freda Hash   provide guests with a barnyard of animals ,lots of stories and genuine hospitality”……

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