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Our Rig

Monday, July 9, 2012

3rd Day Beckley WV–New River Gorge Area

The New River Gorge area has so much to offer ,any extreme sport you can think about is there :White water rafting,Omega,Down Hill biking,Horse riding and more.

Scenic drives and hikes are all over the area ,chose from short or long hikes will always be rewarded as most of them lead to look out points over the Gorge.

We had a tough time choosing what to do especially as the New River Gorge information Center was closed due to the last week storm that cut them from electrical power.

We started the day getting some fresh produce at the farmers market in Fayetteville ,there was not  much to choose from as they too did not have  electricity  for the last week.

The nice lady in the local information center helped us with planning the day and the guy from the bicycle shop that is very familiar with the hikes in the area showed us the best options.

We followed their advice and drove the scenic one way (most of the time) drive UNDER the bridge  ,making some stops on the route for side trips.

New River Gorge WV-Scenic Road Under the Bridge            New River Gorge WV-Scenic Road Under the Bridge

ALONG THE SCENIC ROUTE                                  VISTA UNDER THE BRIDGE

New River Gorge WV-Scenic Road Under the Bridge


At one of the many pullouts we encountered without any warning a beautiful waterfall ,we made a turn and here it was just in front of us,standing next to it was like turning the A/C on a great place to be in this heat.

New River Gorge WV-Scenic Road Under the Bridge                New River Gorge WV-Scenic Road Under the Bridge

After cooling off and having some snacks that we brought with us ,we then decided that if we already drove ON the bridge and drove UNDER the bridge now we have to see it from an outlook.

The best way suggested was to take Long Point Trail 1.5 Miles one way to an outlook to the Gorge and the Bridge,the hike was easy , most of the way  shaded and very rewarding, on the way we picked some juicy Raspberries ,I wish they would be  “served” cold…

New River Gorge WV-Long Point Trail WV       New River Gorge WV-Long Point Trail WV

New River Gorge WV-Long Point Trail WV

Just few steps from this outlook we were still in the bush and could not see the view ,then as we made the last few feet  the “Curtains” were raised and THIS is what we saw ,I love it when a view or a waterfall  although it is expected appears suddenly like a surprise,it adds to the WOW factor.

We figured that is still a lot of light time and we can squeeze more into the day , our next stop on the way “home” was Babcock S.P that has stable,C.G,Mill,waterfalls and vistas.

   Babcock S.P WV     Babcock S.P WV

Babcock S.P WV

Just a perfect place to conclude this great day.

Thanks for visiting.


Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

We took the Long Point Trail also. Really nice trail.

LOVE the waterfalls. I does look like a perfect spot!

John and Carol said...

Wow, what a great day. Loved all those waterfalls. Hope the weather cools a bit in the coming days.

Jack B. Nimble said...

Jack and I visited New River Gorge in 2008 and we stayed at Douthat! What a treat. I was amazed at just how rural West Virginia is. Lots of hiking opportunities. Just beautiful. I went in the fall so it was cooler weather.