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Monday, July 2, 2012

3rd day Mount Airy-Hanging Rock+Pilot Mountain S.P NC

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Last night there were a few weather warnings on the TV for our area , from 11Pm we thought that we are going to take a flight with the trailer without paying for a flying ticket…,I closed the awning and hoped I could anchor the 5er to the ground to make it stop rocking,at 3AM the creator decided that we suffered enough and suddenly every thing got quiet, it was the first time for us to be in a storm and it was quite an experience(and once is enough thank you…)

The morning was promising  it looked like nothing happened just few hours ago,so we took our hiking gear,a picnic and of we drove to Hanging Rock S.P NC.

One of the most easterly mountain ranges in the state, the Sauratown Mountains are often called "the mountains away from the mountains" because they are separated from the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains. Prominent peaks in the Sauratown range rise from 1,700 feet to more than 2,500 feet in elevation and stand in bold contrast to the surrounding countryside, which averages only 800 feet in elevation.

This S.P offers so much:C.G,incredible Hikes,Waterfalls,Lake for swimming and canoeing,breath taking vistas –it is one of our favorites.

Hanging Rock S.P NC  Hanging Rock S.P NC

Hanging Rock S.P NC     Hanging Rock S.P NC


I loved the shape of the Pine trees on top ,they reminded me big Bonsais.

Hanging Rock S.P NC- Window Falls      Hanging Rock S.P NC- Hidden Falls


Hanging Rock S.P NC- Upper Cascade Falls  


                                     Hanging Rock S.P NC- LakeSWIMMING,CANOEING-GREAT PLACE FOR KIDS.

It was already 5PM,we already hiked 5.6miles some of them uphill climbing 700 steps ,some made from wood and some uneven stones but we were ready to see Pilot Mountain S.P.

I found that the light at 6 PM is much better for photography .

Approach from any direction and see Pilot Mountain rising more than 1,400 feet above the rolling countryside of the upper Piedmont plateau. Dedicated as a National Natural Landmark in 1976, this solitary peak is the centerpiece of Pilot Mountain State Park.

Pilot Mountain is capped by two prominent pinnacles. Big Pinnacle, with walls of bare rock and a rounded top covered by vegetation, rises 1,400 feet above the valley floor, the knob jutting skyward more than 200 feet from its base. Big Pinnacle is connected to Little Pinnacle by a narrow saddle. Visitors have easy access to the top of Little Pinnacle where the view encompasses hundreds of square miles of the Piedmont and the nearby mountains of North Carolina and Virginia.

Pilot Mountain S.P NC    Pilot Mountain S.P NC

Pilot Mountain S.P NC-Turkey Vauchare

After a very short walk we got to the Little Pinnacle look out and sat down to enjoy this incredible place,we were alone,it was quite and a little breezy,we watched the Turkey Vouchers cruising around   -it was almost unreal-magical and surrealistic-

“ People become better people spending time in the nature" I thought.

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where's weaver said...

Pilot Mountain is beautiful. You two have some gorgeous photos.

I am glad you left us a comment. I now have you on my reading list. Great job!

Jim and Sandie said...

So glad you guys are safe after all the storms rolling through that area. I also don't like rockin' and rollin' in the RV during storms. But you can't escape them every time. Great hike we took today. Thanks.

Also, could I make a suggestion? Do away with comment moderation on your blog. A lot of people will not comment on a blog if they have to go through this moderation. And we get very little spam (I've had two in over four years).

Where are we going on the 4th?

Danny &Shula Oren said...

We will spend 4th July in Mount Airy NC,they have a parade,fireworks,food and music.
How do I get rid of the comment Moderation?

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Where's weaver.
Thanks for your interest and welcome on-board.

Contessa said...

Great shots as usual. We were buffeted by the winds the other night and thought the RV would end up in the lake. Glad you rode out your storm in one piece.