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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2nd day Bluff City-Blue Hole Falls TN

If you like to see a serial of multiply  Waterfalls that can be reached by a great short hike this is the hike for you,it is sure one of our favorites  .


Not far from Hampton TN we hiked along a creek to find 5 beautiful waterfalls one more beautiful than the other,they are not the most high falls but the  surroundings are sure very inviting,some of  create a small pool at the bottom and one can swim or play around in them.

Blue Hole Falls TN Hike    Blue Hole Falls TN Hike

Blue Hole Falls TN Hike    Blue Hole Falls TN Hike

Blue Hole Falls TN Hike

If you will hike this trail wearing  walking shoes then I suggest carrying extra sandals with you so you can walk in the water while crossing  streams,walk in the pools  or wear snickers that you don’t mind if they get wet.

The trail in parts is covered with vegetation and some times looks like not been used for a while but it is difficult to get lost,we did a circle hike instead of coming and going on the same trail and were surprised each time to discover another beautiful spot/fall along the route.

Old hut along Blue Hole Falls TN Hike                 Blue Hole Falls TN Hike

Old hut along the trail                                                Hiking down to the bottom of the falls

You can spend a day of just a few hours in this area it all in entirely up to you, we left after completing the circle after 3 hours in which we enjoyed this small “heaven”  that we had almost only for ourselves.

Blue Hole Falls TN Hike

Tree roots hanging to a rock.

On the way back “home” we stopped to see the covered bridge had a good coffee in Elizabethton TN and visited the old General Store that is closing after 120 years…

Covered Bridge Elizabethon TN      Old General Store -Elizabethon TN

Elizabethton TN covered bridge                        Old general store.

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Jim and Sandie said...

How sad that the store is closing. I hate to see that happen. That sounds like a walk even I might be able to do.

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Hi Jim and Sandie'
I am sure you will enjoy the walk as many others do'if you do not try you will never know.