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Our Rig

Saturday, June 23, 2012

5th Day Bluff City-Abingdon VA

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Just opposite our C.G in Bluff City is a huge Flea Market operating only on weekends,not that we needed or wanted anything to buy but could not resist  the temptation of poking around  the endless stands loaded with tools,toys,dolls,and all other kind of unidentified stuff…..so we spent 2 hours in the heat looking around and you know what we came back with STUFF….don’t we always?

After lunch and a snooze we drove to Abingdon VA located on the music trail so called the Crooked Road  .

At first we hit the Barter Theatre on the main street ,a very known old establishment and found out that at 8:30PM a musical named Legally Blond is on stage and there are still tickets left.

Abingdon VA-Barter Theatre

We were asked our address,telephone number,E-mail address –I thought we came to buy tickets for the show I said to the nice lady in the ticket boot and not get a citizenship…yes she said but this is the procedure…well now after you explained it so nicely it makes sense   it is clear it is the PROCEDURE..OK we got 2 tickets’ it was only 5:30 so  went to kill some time by driving down the road to a Blues Festival in Latture Field behind the Police HQ and next to a huge grave yard (don’t the tenants there deserve some music too. .)

Abingdon VA-Blues festival

It was really fun,but people at the Theatre did not know about it and there was no notice anywhere in the streets or even near the park about the event,so we were lucky to read about it on one of the local newspapers.

In the park there was a Beer section -a beer tank some tables and chairs surrounded with a fence,at the entrance were sited 2 people  and their job was to allow into the “Beer section” only people over the age of 18,so here we go and they ask us to show an ID,very flattering but  we do not look like anything close to 18 or even 50….OK we show our ID (a law is a law) so after they searched very seriously for the birthdate on our DL and made the math they put a band on our hand with 3 stripes on it meaning we can get  only 3 drinks per person,each time you take a beer they rip off a strip-we were very impressed…

Abingdon VA Blues festival beer section      Abingdon VA  bluse festival beer tag

Of course if you wanted to cheat it was easy ,go out and come back again and get a new band or drink your wife’s beer…but no one does that-so why bother with the band???? Just a thought.

I almost forgot,the play in the Baker theatre was FANTASTIC,we even got a present for being the ones that came all the way from Israel ,further than anyone in the audience.

Important Remark-all that is written here is in no way meant to criticize it was all done in good humor-thank you.

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Contessa said...

Love your comment about applying for citizenship! I always wonder at some of the questions we get. sounds like a fun day.