Our Rig

Our Rig

Friday, June 15, 2012

2nd Day in Chuckey TN-Margarette Falls&Jonesborough TN

The day started very early in the morning ,around 4am I felt very hot and therefore turned the small ventilator on,but it did not start,I checked the electrical connection and found out that we are with no power,as it was still early I went back to bed but woke up again at 7:30am just to find our electrical plug burned out,luckily Lows had it on stock and we were back on track in no time.

At 9am we were ready for Margerette Falls hike http://www.cmpros.com/hiking/Margarette ,a drive of 10 miles from our (great) location and a 2 mile hike R/T took us to a very rewarding hike along a creek and to an outstanding beautiful waterfall.

Mushroom along the hike to Margarette Falls TNMushroom along the hike to Margarette Falls TNSnake  along the hike to Margarette Falls TNButterfly's on the path to Margarette Falls TN

Along the hike we encountered huge mushrooms,snake and a group of butterfly's,good that we were wearing our hiking boots….

All along the hike we followed a running water creek with high granite walls from both sides which made the whole hike jus great,many small rapids created inviting stop spots in almost every turn,but the most rewarding and exciting is the minute you see the falls ,especially if it comes to sight as a sudden surprise  around a corner-you turn and here it is in front of you in full size woow factor ..

Along the hike to Margarette Falls TN             Along the hike to Margarette Falls TN



Margarette Falls TN


We took our time to let this sink in ,no rush,enjoyed the natural power of falling waters,the sound and the smells of the wet wood,on the way back Shula “lifted” a huge tree trunk ,it was heavy but not a match to “wonder woman”

Thank you for letting me pass..


As it was only 1PM we changed our clothes (had it ready in the truck) and took off to Jonesborough the oldest town in Tennessee  just in time to hear a Story Teller in the famous Story Teller Center in the town http://www.storytellingcenter.net/.

All this made us hungry and especially thirsty…so a local Brewery was out next stop followed by a BBQ place –both just fantastic and just as needed it,not far was an old style  Lollipop store which we avoided in purpose….

Brewery in Jonesborough TN        Lollipop advertizment car in Jonesborough TN

If you think that this was the end of this endless day you got something coming,there was a street concert at the town square at 7PM ,so we pulled our folding chairs and enjoyed great young girl singer singing among others Petty Klein…

Street Concert in Jonesborough TN

What a way to conclude this outstanding day,wow I am tired see you soon-tomorrow.

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